The next generation of email security

Protect your employees, simplify your architecture and automate security operations with a cloud-native email security platform for Microsoft Office365 and G-Suite.

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Product Capabilities

Abnormal Security provides everything you need for comprehensive email protection, detection and response.

Inbound Email Protection

Abnormal Security stops the full range of email attacks, with a unique focus on modern social engineering attacks

  • Business email compromise
  • Executive & employee impersonation
  • Credential phishing & brand impersonation
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Email Account Compromise Detection

Abnormal Security looks beyond email and analyzes hundreds of signals to accurately detect compromised email accounts

  • Employee email account compromise
  • External email account compromise
  • Vendor & supply chain compromise
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SOC Platform for Email Response

Abnormal Security augments security operation teams with automation and tools to respond quickly and proactively protect the organization.

  • Triage employee reported emails
  • Investigate and respond to compromised accounts
  • Bulk remediate attacks across the entire tenant
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Abnormal Architecture

Abnormal Security integrates seamlessly into your existing cloud email platform.

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Fast Time to Value

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