Abnormal Selected as an Inc. Best Workplace of 2022

We are over the moon to announce Abnormal has been named one of Inc. Magazine's Best Workplaces of 2022! Learn more about our commitment to our workforce.
May 18, 2022

As a startup in a highly competitive industry, we understand how important it is to establish ourselves as an employer for whom the best and brightest want to work. Our power is in our people, and we recognize our ability to prevent the attacks that matter most is wholly dependent on our employees solving big, complex problems.

Throughout the first half of this year, we’ve been overjoyed to be named one of America’s Best Startup Employers of 2022 by Forbes, earn the Great Place to Work™ certification, and be included on the Enterprise Tech 30 list for the second year in a row. Receiving these accolades helps reinforce that we’re making the right investments in our workforce and encourages us to continue our efforts to cultivate an abnormally great employee experience.

Today, we are delighted to announce yet another accomplishment: Abnormal has been named one of Inc. Magazine's Best Workplaces of 2022!

Read on to learn more about the award and the ways Abnormal is dedicated to elevating every aspect of the workplace experience.

The Inc. Best Workplaces Selection Process

Open to all U.S.-based organizations two years or older with at least 10 employees and a total annual revenue <$1 billion, the Inc. Best Workplaces award celebrates employers that “set the standard for excellence in company culture”. To be named an Inc. Best Workplace is to be recognized as an organization that fosters employee growth and advancement and is committed to continually enriching the workplace.

To be considered for the award, an employer must first provide a detailed breakdown of its employee benefits package—for example, health insurance, retirement plans, unlimited PTO, remote work options, home office stipends, and employee wellness programs (to name a few).

Then, a representative from the company must complete a questionnaire that asks for information about the organization’s commitment to the workplace experience, such as how the employer puts culture first and examples of management ideas the company practices that set it apart from the competition. Other questions include:

  • How often are employees and managers expected to have one-on-one performance conversations?
  • What is your organization’s primary approach to feedback?
  • What metric does your company use as a primary measure of overall employee sentiment?

From there, the employer must conduct an anonymous employee survey powered by Quantum Workplace. Employees are asked to provide their honest opinions on topics such as personal engagement, professional development opportunities, communication and resources, team dynamics, employment benefits, and management effectiveness. Winners are then chosen based on their employees' responses to the Best Workplaces Survey as well as an audit of the organization’s benefits.

Of the more than 8,000 employers that apply, only about 5% are named an Inc. Best Workplace. This year, 475 companies were included, with Abnormal being one of just 12 organizations in the security industry on the list.

Why We’re Dedicated to an Exceptional Employee Experience

Being named a Best Workplace of 2022 by Inc. is an honor for a variety of reasons—in particular, being recognized as an organization that prioritizes the employee experience.

We know the success of our company is driven by our team members, and their well-being, loyalty, and effectiveness as professionals are directly influenced by the quality of the employee experience we provide. Without an engaged workforce that is motivated to further the company’s mission, there is no Abnormal Security. This is why from the beginning, our leadership team has been laser-focused on creating an extraordinary employee experience.

Our approach to talent acquisition and employee retention revolves around continuously improving each of the three core components of the employee experience:

  1. The work environment (either physical, virtual, or hybrid)
  2. The technologies and resources we provide
  3. The company culture, including how we support our workforce

Remote-first, Results-focused Environment

We ask for velocity, ownership, and excellence from our entire team, and we know that dictating how and when our employees work would run contrary to those expectations. At Abnormal, our team is empowered to define when, where, and how they work. With our remote-first culture, employees enjoy maximum freedom to balance their life and well-being, while collaborating with ego-free teammates who genuinely care about their collective success.

Active Support and Opportunities to Learn

While we may be tackling big challenges with high standards of excellence, we also believe anything worthwhile must be sustainable. We are intentional about making sure our team feels supported as we work together to solve complex problems. As a thriving, more agile organization, we have the flexibility to create opportunities for our employees to learn more and do more. We strive to empower our team members with the knowledge and resources they need to extend their reach and maximize their impact, no matter their role.

Culture of Ownership and Growth

Our culture of individual ownership combined with leaders who love to mentor creates an environment where we challenge and support one another to be 1% better every day. We also believe culture is intentionally designed and iterative, which is why we send quarterly employee surveys to help us understand what we’re doing right and where there are opportunities for improvement. We’re growing 3x year-over-year and are dedicated to scaling our culture alongside our organizational growth.

Investing in Our Company Culture

In just four years, Abnormal has expanded to a workforce of more than 450 professionals across a dozen different time zones—and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. We will continue investing in initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to making Abnormal a destination employer and invite you to join us on our mission to make the world a safer place—one inbox at a time.

Looking for your next opportunity? Check out the Abnormal Careers page!

Abnormal Selected as an Inc. Best Workplace of 2022

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