Celebrating our Culture: Abnormal Named One of America’s Best Startup Employers

Abnormal is excited to be named a Great Place to Work and one of America’s Best Startup Employers, showcasing our incredible culture and people.
April 11, 2022

It’s been an incredible few weeks here at Abnormal, as we’ve been honored in not one, not two, but three separate publications! I’m unbelievably proud of our team and all we’ve accomplished so far and humbled to receive this commendation for all our hard work.

I’m always excited to see our solution gain traction and recognition in the marketplace, and we work hard to deliver a best-in-class product that solves a major pain point for our customers. I’m equally as delighted to see our company culture gain traction and recognition in the talent marketplace. We know culture has to be intentionally designed and curated at scale—without our team, we would be nothing.

Great Place to Work-Certified™

As an employee-first company, I’m especially proud of the fact Abnormal has been Great Place to Work-Certified, as this recognition is driven entirely by employee feedback. To become certified, more than 70% of the workforce must describe the company as a “great place to work” on the Trust Index anonymous employee experience survey.

Here at Abnormal, a whopping 97% of our employees said this is a great place to work! I am absolutely blown away by the positive sentiments our team had to share.

Abnormal's Great Places to Work results chart

We’re expanding fast and are committed to the challenge of maintaining our culture at scale, which is why we’re continuing to invest in what we refer to as table stakes for being a great place to work—competitive compensation and benefits, as well as ample opportunities for leadership, learning, and growth.

Beyond those table stakes, we focus on four differentiators for our culture:

  • Audacious Mission. Everything our team does is rooted in our mission to make the world a safer place. Our impossibly fast threat response time and incredible threat detection accuracy have earned us the trust of the largest companies on the planet. We maintain our track record by encouraging our team to question, explore, and synthesize new opportunities that disrupt the industry “normal,” no matter the constraints.

  • Ambitious Technology. Machine learning has been core to our business since day one, and our team is harnessing its full potential to solve previously unsolvable problems. We encourage our team to stay open-minded as they build solutions from our unique dataset and tech stack that solve society’s most critical challenges today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

  • Active Support. Our team is tackling big challenges with high standards of excellence. But we believe that anything worthwhile must also be sustainable, so we are intentional about making sure that our team feels supported as we elevate our impact. At Abnormal, our team is empowered to define when, where, and how they work, enjoying maximum freedom to balance their life and well-being, while collaborating with ego-free teammates who genuinely care about their success.

  • Accelerated Growth. Our company’s track record is impressive, but the growth paths our people experience are even more impressive. Here, our team gets an unusually high return on their time. Our goal for every team member is to provide 10 years of experience in 2 years. Our culture of individual ownership alongside leaders who love to mentor creates an environment where we challenge and support one another to be 1% better every day.

When these factors are combined, we feel confident that we provide a great place to work, and this recognition shows that our employees feel the same way.

America’s Best Startup Employers

Particularly in today’s increasingly competitive talent market, it’s remarkably humbling that great employees are dedicating their time and career to our company. It’s challenging for any business to compete for talent right now, and, as a startup, we have the added burden of proving ourselves as a secure, innovative place to work.

With all that in mind, it’s an incredible honor to be named one of America’s Best Startup Employers of 2022 by Forbes! We qualified for this list based on employer reputation, employee satisfaction, and company growth. As noted in the announcement, we’re finding the promise of outsized ownership (and the quick career advancement that comes with it) is a key differentiator for new talent joining our team. We’re growing exceptionally quickly, and it’s an exciting time to be here.

Enterprise Tech 30

Finally, we’re so thrilled to be included for the second year in a row on the Enterprise Tech 30 list, a select group of startups that “have the most potential to tectonically shift how enterprises operate for the better.” This is another moment where we get to celebrate how hard we’ve worked.

Enterprise Tech 30 billboard featuring Abnormal

Without the dedication, passion, and creativity of our entire team, we wouldn’t be delivering a world-class product that makes such a huge difference in our customers’ lives. Our culture directly informs our ability to produce such excellent work, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

And More to Come…

At Abnormal, we’re committed to scaling our culture alongside our business as we grow. As part of our employee-first model, we constantly seek feedback from our team and drive company-wide improvements and updates based on that feedback. If you’re in the market for a new role and want to join a fast-growing company that invests in its people, check out our open roles. We’d love to have you on the team!

Celebrating our Culture: Abnormal Named One of America’s Best Startup Employers

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