Abnormal + Valimail: An Email Security Duo

Discover how Abnormal and Valimail work together to provide customers with a comprehensive, well-integrated solution that protects their businesses from advanced attacks.
October 6, 2023

In today's digital age, email has become an essential communication tool for individuals and businesses alike. However, with the increasing reliance on email and email-like communications, cybercriminals have developed advanced techniques to exploit vulnerabilities and launch sophisticated attacks. To combat these advanced threats, organizations must equip themselves with the latest cybersecurity technology.

Some of the largest organizations in the world trust Abnormal and Valimail to protect their data from cybercriminals. This powerful duo ensures that emails are safe from malicious activity by providing automated enforcement and real-time monitoring—giving companies the best of both worlds. Here, we’ll expand on what makes this partnership an essential part of your security stack.

What Sets Valimail Apart

Valimail is a leading email security platform that helps organizations protect their users from malicious emails. Specifically, Valimail provides advanced DMARC enforcement, ensuring the protection of an organization’s external brands. It uses proprietary authentication technologies to verify that emails are legitimate and not spoofed or phishing attempts. Valimail's automated and consistent protocols eliminate the need for manual labor, making it easier for companies to verify emails. Additionally, Valimail provides detailed analytics to help identify threats and suspicious behavior. This allows organizations to stay ahead of any potential cyberattacks before they even occur. Valimail also ensures that all emails sent and received comply with global email standards. This helps businesses remain compliant with legal regulations regarding data protection, privacy, and other email-related issues.

How Abnormal and Valimail Work Together

The Abnormal and Valimail collaboration provides organizations with a comprehensive email security solution that is both effective and efficient. Valimail's authentication protocols are designed to make sure only authorized users can access emails, thereby blocking any spoofing attempts or phishing emails from infiltrating the system. Meanwhile, Abnormal leverages industry-leading AI technology to baseline known-good behavior, allowing the platform to detect behavioral anomalies in email to identify and prevent inbound attacks.

Organizations not only benefit from increased security but also gain valuable insight into their customers' email activity. Companies can use this data to optimize customer service offerings, spot trends in messages that need further review or improvement from a security standpoint, and gain a better understanding of their customers overall. With automated enforcement and real-time monitoring enabled by Abnormal and Valimail respectively, companies can trust that their users’ data is secure while still providing a great customer experience.

Why the Abnormal + Valimail Partnership is Essential for Your Email Security Needs

As email attacks continue to evolve, it’s critical that companies are armed with the best available technology to combat the latest threats. Together, Abnormal and Valimail provide critical technologies to extend the built-in email security capabilities of native Microsoft and Google platforms. With the combination of these technologies, customers have a comprehensive, well-integrated solution that protects their businesses from the increasingly sophisticated socially-engineered attacks threatening to harm their employees and customers.

Additionally, it is effortless to implement—no extra setup is required on the part of customers. Organizations can trust that their users’ data is safe without sacrificing convenience or usability when communicating via email. All of these benefits make the Abnormal + Valimail partnership an ideal solution for any organization looking to maintain visibility into customer behavior while adhering to global regulations and industry-specific requirements.

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Abnormal + Valimail: An Email Security Duo

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