3 Reasons Abnormal Customers Love Abuse Mailbox Automation

See how Abuse Mailbox Automation provides organizations with an extra layer of security, helping security teams automate the user-reported phishing email workflow and identify malicious emails.
August 3, 2023

When it comes to managing user-reported phishing emails, existing methods tend to be laborious, lack insight, and provide little to no background or context. As a result, IT teams and security analysts have to dedicate significant amounts of time to review and triage all user-reported emails. The manual and tedious nature of this task often results in missed higher-impact attacks across the organization.

Modern teams need a robust solution that can protect against potential threats while also saving time and effort. Abuse Mailbox Automation provides this extra layer of security, helping organizations automate the user-reported phishing email workflow and identify malicious emails that bypassed initial detection measures. To illustrate these benefits, here are the top three reasons why Abnormal customers love Abuse Mailbox Automation.

1. Saves Time with Automatic Triage and Remediation

“Abuse Mailbox Automation has greatly reduced the volume of suspicious email-related tickets being sent to our helpdesk. Instead of our IT staff taking time to classify, assign, and address the tickets, users can forward them to the abuse mailbox which can automatically handle much of the process.” — Steven Coulter, CTO, Asset Genie

Organizations need to protect their systems and customers from malicious emails, but this is often a time-consuming and tedious task. Abuse Mailbox Automation helps security teams stay ahead of potential threats by automating the triage and remediation of user-reported emails. This service automatically inspects and judges reported emails as either malicious, spam, or safe, quickly flagging suspicious activity.

If an email is found to be malicious, Abuse Mailbox Automation intelligently locates and removes other unreported emails within the same phishing campaign instantly. This saves valuable time that would otherwise have been spent manually filtering through emails.

2. Closes the Feedback Loop with User-Reported Emails

“It has been transformational. Abnormal has lifted a huge burden off our email team and our end users.” — Stephen Lister, IT Systems Architect, Dudek

“The SOC has seen a 25% drop in investigation workloads in the 2 months since Abnormal has gone into production.” — Jason, GM Cyber, Insurance

With Abuse Mailbox Automation, organizations have the power to efficiently close the feedback loop with user-reported emails. By providing a secure platform for users to submit suspicious emails, businesses can take swift action to protect customer data and privacy while empowering users to remain vigilant and continue reporting suspicious emails by giving those users confidence that their reports are being taken seriously. This automated system allows for near-immediate triaging of customer complaints without needing manual intervention from IT staff or other personnel, allowing companies to focus their resources on responding swiftly and accurately.

3. Provides Defense In-Depth Protection

“We employed two SEG solutions in sequence, and that still wasn’t solving our email security problems. Abnormal frees us from inbox cleanup, so we can proactively identify and address other security threats before they become problems.” — Jason Stead, CISO, Choice Hotels

Abuse Mailbox Automation provides an extra layer of security on top of existing safety measures that help protect organizations from malicious emails. With this automation, SOC teams are better positioned to stop the full spectrum of attacks, including costly and targeted BEC, vendor fraud, malware, and phishing. The solution also provides full visibility into each submission with user-reported emails organized in one place. Administrators can see the full attack context for each campaign and every email allowing them to identify any potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

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3 Reasons Abnormal Customers Love Abuse Mailbox Automation

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