Abnormal Security vs. IRONSCALES

Abnormal’s AI-native email security solution detects more email attacks and automates cumbersome security work better than Ironscales.
Protect More

Abnormal’s Unique Detection Models Better Understand Your Organization

  • Abnormal’s behavioral AI engine maps communication patterns and common user actions across an entire organization to detect sophisticated email attacks without relying on manual user reports and caution banners.
  • This personalized approach also remediates account takeovers, identifies third-party configuration gaps, and doesn’t require frequent maintenance.
Email Account Takeover Protection
With Abnormal, it catches those impersonation emails automatically, so we don’t have to spend time responding to those threats manually.”
Shane Snedecor, Information Security Manager, Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Spend less

Automate Time-Consuming Security Operations Work

  • Abnormal gives you valuable time back by remediating malicious emails, spam, and graymail without manual review from an admin. Even better: user input isn’t needed to flag a suspicious email. IRONSCALES requires more manual work on reporting, review, and remediation.
Reduce Your Total Email Security Cost

The Abnormal and Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft covers:

  • Email routing
  • Email hygiene
  • URL rewriting
  • Attachment protection
  • SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication on inbound mail 

Abnormal covers:

  • Advanced phishing and BEC detection
  • Account takeover protection
  • Multi-channel attack prevention
  • Adaptive graymail filtering
  • SOC automation
  • Email security posture management
  • And more…
Investigation and remediation were very time-consuming for our team. Abnormal automated our manual processes and provided more efficacy at the same time. That allows us to focus our security resources in other places.”
Jeremy Smith, CISO, Avery Dennison

Secure the Future: Abnormal Is Easier To Implement and Maintain

Installs in seconds without disrupting mail flow or changing MX records.
Simplifies SOC workflow with automated remediation incident triage.
No custom policies, manual rules, or fine-tuning required.

Reviews Say Abnormal Is the Better Choice

60+ Abnormal and IRONSCALES customer reviews on G2:

  • Abnormal meets business needs better than IRONSCALES
  • Abnormal is easier to use, set up, and administer than IRONSCALES
  • Abnormal is better for large, enterprise-level companies
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280+ verified customer reviews on Gartner Peer Insights:

  • Abnormal’s overall 4.8 rating beats IRONSCALES’ 4.7 rating
  • Abnormal’s pricing is better than IRONSCALES
  • 99% are willing to recommend Abnormal compared to IRONSCALES with 95%
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See Why Organizations Choose Abnormal Over IRONSCALES

Protect your organization from the full spectrum of inbound email attacks with Abnormal.
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