Displace Your Secure Email Gateway

Stop the full spectrum of email threats and reduce your total spend when you swap your secure email gateway for Abnormal.
Displace Your Secure Email Gateway

Problem: SEGs Were Not Built for Modern Threats

Secure email gateways (SEGs) were designed to defend against basic attacks that rely on known indicators of compromise—attacks that are high in volume but low in impact. In today’s threat landscape, these solutions regularly miss advanced attacks, like business email compromise (BEC), invoice fraud, account takeovers, and more. They also fail to detect emerging threats that go beyond email into adjacent channels like collaboration applications. Meanwhile, organizations deploying SEGs pay twice for redundant email security, battle tedious management of rules and policies, and drain their resources on manual response and remediation processes.

Migration Made Simple with Abnormal

Using Abnormal with native email security capabilities provides more protection and simplifies the email architecture, but removing the SEG can be an overwhelming task for security teams. Abnormal offers a simple and easy migration journey for customers. Customers will receive support from Abnormal experts throughout the migration process, along with detailed documentation to support the migration and onboarding journey.

Discover how to displace your SEG.

Protect More and Spend Less with Abnormal


saved in licensing costs alone by displacing an ineffective SEG.


successful attacks since deploying Abnormal.


IT team hours saved each month.

Get AI Protection for Your Human Interactions

Protect your organization from socially-engineered email attacks that target human behavior.
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