Infographic: Total Economic Impact™ of Abnormal Security

Discover the highlights of Forrester's report on the three-year financial impact of Abnormal Security in this infographic.
Infographic: Total Economic Impact™ of Abnormal Security

The Total Economic Impact™ of Abnormal Security study conducted by Forrester Research found that a composite organization saved millions by implementing Abnormal. This infographic provides a summary of the benefits organizations can expect over a three-year period, as told by four Abnormal customers.

“There hasn’t been an incident in over five years. That’s quite an effective fence of protection in our environment.”

Corporate Email, Insurance, Manager

Forrester Infographic

Qualitative Benefits:

Confidence in Email Security Posture

Interviewees reported a high level of confidence in Abnormal Security’s AI-based approach to stopping a wide spectrum of email attacks, including account takeovers, executive impersonation, financially-motivated business email compromise, and vendor email compromise attacks.

Displacing Legacy Secure Email Gateway

By displacing the incumbent secure email gateway with Abnormal Security, interviewees noted reduced email security complexity and cost savings by decommissioning the associated hardware, software, and maintenance, without impacting the ability to block malicious emails.

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