Email-Like Messaging Security

Detect malicious message content across collaboration apps with Email-Like Messaging Security.
Email-Like Messaging Security

Use of collaboration apps is on the rise as employees use them to work and communicate in a remote-first world. Attackers are taking advantage, moving laterally from email to these alternative communication methods to run their scams.

Unfortunately, many of these enterprise platforms do not come equipped with threat detection—particularly the ability to detect malicious message content. This means a compromised internal user or external collaborator with access can execute a phishing attack via chat that is hard to detect and even harder to stop.

Email-Like Messaging Security prevents the spread of malicious content.

  • Inspects every message on Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to scan for malicious URLs in messaging threads, groups, channels, and chats. Once surfaced, security teams can take action to mitigate the threat and begin to investigate the account that originated the message.
  • Bolsters investigation into advanced attacks across platforms by logging malicious collaboration app messages and email attacks in the same Threat Log. This enables a greater understanding of the attack scope and a more comprehensive overview of the impact to your cloud communications.
  • Scans messages from external collaborators with access to workspaces and meeting rooms to uncover cases of potential partner and vendor compromise and protect platforms against third-party risk.

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