Abnormal Names MRK Technologies as 2021 Partner of the Year

March 2, 2022

At Abnormal Security, our channel partners are critical to our continued rocket-ship growth and we’re delighted to recognize the impact they have on our mutual customers and on our mission to stop cybercrime. Abnormal Security's partners have been vital in promoting our best-in-class solution designed to stop the attacks that matter most for companies worldwide.

Abnormal Security is a “Channel First '' company and since launching our Abnormal Partner Program in late 2020, our strategic channel partners, as well as our partner-generated revenue have grown exponentially. Each of our partners has shown commitment to meeting the security needs of enterprise organizations, and we’re proud of all that we’ve accomplished together.

Announcing the Partner of the Year Program

As part of Abnormal Security’s commitment to building a world-class channel program, we’re pleased to launch Abnormal Security’s Partner of the Year Award to recognize one of our exceptional partners for their dedication to protecting their clients with our solution.

We’re excited to share that MRK Technologies has won the 2021 Abnormal Security Partner of the Year award! Since 1985, MRK has helped hundreds of organizations with their cybersecurity strategies and remains an integral component in helping their clients grow and scale their security infrastructure and programs.

As the Abnormal Security Partner of the Year, MRK has gone above and beyond to ensure their customers are safe from email-borne threats with the Abnormal Security platform. MRK led mutually beneficial marketing campaigns and coordinated introductory/ discovery meetings, leading to numerous Abnormal Security email risk assessments, which resulted in dozens of new enterprise customers. Upon receipt of the award, MRK Vice President John Tookman stated, “MRK is honored to be the recipient of Abnormal Security’s 2021 Partner of the Year Award. Abnormal has literally disrupted the email security space by consistently demonstrating its ability to catch fraudulent email campaigns that have bypassed traditional email security gateways.”

MRK is dedicated to ensuring that their customers receive the best possible experience with Abnormal, which is why many of them placed value on Abnormal Security’s no charge risk assessment process, during which Abnormal detects threats present within customer mailboxes. “MRK is fortunate to have strong customer relationships, and as many of those customers listened to the Abnormal story, they were admittedly skeptical. However, Abnormal’s willingness to prove its unique capabilities in customers’ environments has been critical to our momentum. Their compelling risk assessment process and the results have made a difference and led to our mutual success. The Abnormal and MRK teams have developed a truly collaborative partnership, and we look forward to continued growth together in the upcoming years,” stated Tookman.

We’re fortunate to have MRK Technologies as an Abnormal partner and look forward to continuing to grow our businesses together. We’re confident that combined, we can provide a superior email security platform to organizations who need it and stop modern attacks that bypass traditional solutions.

About the Abnormal Partner Program

The Abnormal Partner Program was initiated in late 2020 with the goal of creating and growing strategic relationships with companies focused on cybersecurity to ensure the long-term success of collective customers. Abnormal’s goal is to help our partners protect their enterprise clients against advanced email-borne threats by enabling them to quickly demonstrate the value of our solution, which results in high-value transactions with short sales durations. Our goal is to give our partners the ability to sell more and earn more on each sale, with high-quality solutions that integrate seamlessly with their services. Abnormal partners benefit from world-class support, product, and co-marketing teams.

With access to qualified leads and marketing opportunities, dedicated partner resources, and knowledge regarding product announcements and promotions, there’s never a better time to become an Abnormal partner. Those interested in the partner program can learn more here or contact us at channel@abnormalsecurity.com to get started.

To learn more about how Abnormal provides the best email security solution on the market, request a demo of the platform today.


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