Abnormal Customers Say Goodbye to Underperforming SEGs

The dedication to our customers from across the company, from engineering to sales, from marketing to customer success, ensures that when you work with Abnormal, you receive the best experience possible—while stopping all of the attacks that bypass other solution
February 22, 2022

At Abnormal, we’re focused on assuring our customers succeed, which is why we engage with them deeply and regularly to see how we can provide more value. This commitment to our customers is a key component of everything we do at Abnormal, so we consistently request feedback, update our product roadmap based on customer needs, and work to ensure that satisfaction with the product and the entire Abnormal experience remains high.

The dedication across the company, from engineering to sales, from marketing to customer success, ensures that when you work with Abnormal, you receive the best experience possible—while stopping all of the attacks that bypass other solutions. We’re pleased to see that our dedication to our customers is shown across review sites like Gartner Peer Insights™.

With 90 reviews as of today, our rating remains at 4.9 stars, with 100% of reviewers willing to recommend Abnormal to others. Some top reviews are as follows.

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"Best Email Security Product I've Seen In Years"

Abnormal Security is the best email security product I've seen in my whole career. It's the only product that we've seen stop all malicious emails from reaching our users, and we've only had 1 false positive flagged. I've had experience with Mimecast, Proofpoint, and Postini—each one of these would let malicious/phishing emails through. I'm in disbelief that an email security product can work so well, given how well malicious actors can target our users with tailored emails. Abnormal Security's team is also great to work with, and it only took us 5 minutes to set up our Office 365 environment. What kind of security product can be configured and protecting our users within 5 minutes?"

System Administrator, Financial Industry
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"Abnormal Works"

"We were an early adopter of the technology and our experience has been very positive. Abnormal has more than paid for itself and continues to do so in the email fraud and compromise that it captures where others do not.

Update: The product continues to be enhanced and is a trusted platform for our email security. The customer support by Abnormal is outstanding."

Chief Security Officer, Manufacturing Industry
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"Abnormal Security Practices Excellence In Email Security And Customer Service"

"The Abnormal team has been fantastic to work with. I truly feel as though I have a partner who is working with me to protect our employees from advanced email threats. The deployment was easy and I have consistent conversations with our Technical Solutions Manager who is readily available for any questions, concerns, or recommendations. The product and team at Abnormal have truly been remarkable."

Director of Information Security, Miscellaneous Industry
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"Say Goodbye To Under Performing SEGs"

"The experience with Abnormal Security from beginning to end has been exceptional. Installation took about 5 clicks. Once they were integrated with the O365 environment, they immediately identified compromised credentials (that I already knew about and resolved). They were able to recognize threats coming into our environment through our SEG (Mimecast) and gave me action items to resolve. Once purchased, we went from managing emails coming into the environment (5 - 10 critical per day) to checking the console once a week. All threats are automatically managed. Interaction with support during the POV and after have been quick responses."

Security Architect, Transportation Industry
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"Abnormal Security Delivers Superior Email Security"

"The entire process from the first demo of the product all the way through implementation was extremely smooth. The Abnormal Security team were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and made sure we were prepared to use their product.

Update: As we continue to use Abnormal Security, we've been impressed on a daily basis by how many threats are averted due to their product. This overall success story has been presented to both our Senior Leadership and Management Teams during our Quarterly Business Reviews and weekly Leadership Meetings."

IT Operations Manager, Energy Industry
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"Abnormal Should Be The New Normal"

"The product itself is truly a massive improvement on your traditional email security gateways. The ability to assess email content, establish motive, analyze attachments and links, and many other features put this product far ahead of any other traditional email security product. From day one it has proven to provide insights into our attack surface and attack trends that we were not seeing from our other email security platform. "

Security Engineer, Retail Industry
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"Abnormal Security Delivers Great Value And Materially Improves Cyber Security Posture"

"Abnormal Security has a great team that worked closely with us during the demo, trial, and go live of the product. The product itself does an excellent job of detecting and automatically remediating messages that have made it past other layers of defense. Ransomware and business email compromise are continual threats and Abnormal Security has improved our overall posture against these and other email-based threats."

SVP and Director of IT, Financial Industry
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An Abnormal Experience for Our Customers

Our high rankings demonstrate that we not only provide a highly valued solution, but we also build trust and deep relationships. As such, we are proud to announce we are also a member of the Gartner Customer First Program. This program signals that Abnormal solicits reviews from all our customers and recognizes the benefits of honest, unbiased feedback.

If you’re a current Abnormal customer and would like to leave a review, we’d love to see it! These reviews help fellow security professionals make important business decisions. You can submit your review here, where you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience with our product, our team, and what matters most to you. Or to inquire on how to inspire others, influence the roadmap, and network with other Abnormal customers, email us at to get started.

Want to know why so many people love Abnormal? Request a demo today to see it for yourself.

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Abnormal Customers Say Goodbye to Underperforming SEGs

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