The Convergence of AI + Cybersecurity: Announcing Our Limited Series with Fast Company

Join us for this series, featuring black hat hacker Kevin Poulsen and AI visionaries from OpenAI and CrowdStrike, presented by Fast Company.
August 30, 2023

With the rise of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools over the past year, there is hardly a day that goes by when you don’t hear something about this technology. Executives are thrilled about the power that it provides to their workforce. Security leaders are concerned about what the power it wields for attacks. And cybercriminals are finding new ways to use it to target your company.

Hear about this and more in a new series: The Convergence of AI + Cybersecurity. Sessions include:

  • Chapter 1 | Facing Your Fears: A Live Demo on How Attackers Use Generative AI
    • Kevin Poulsen, Former Black Hat Hacker

    • Ronnie Tokazowski, Threat Researcher

    • Mike Britton, CISO, Abnormal Security

  • Chapter 2 | Fighting AI with AI: A CISO Panel on Security Best Practices
    • Patrick Hellman, CISO, Arrow Electronics

    • Gary Brickhouse, CISO, GuidePoint Security

  • Chapter 3 | Securing the Future with AI: A Discussion Among Leading AI Experts
    • Zack Kass, Technology Futurist and Head of GTM, OpenAI

    • Evan Reiser, CEO, Abnormal Security

    • TBD AI Speaker, CrowdStrike

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Limited Web Series, Presented by Fast Company:

Co-sponsored by CrowdStrike and GuidePoint Security, this is an excellent opportunity to discover how AI will change your organization from some of the top names in cybersecurity.

Chapter 1 | Facing Your Fears: A Live Demo on How Attackers Can Use Generative AI

Tuesday, October 3, 2023 | 2:00pm ET

Kick off Cybersecurity Awareness Month by seeing how hackers weaponize generative AI to launch attacks in this live demo from a black hat hacker. Our speakers include Kevin Poulsen, best known for penetrating telephone company computers in the early 1990s to win radio station phone-in contests. By taking over all the phone lines leading to Los Angeles radio stations, he was able to guarantee that he would be the proper-numbered caller to win. His best prizes included $20,000 in cash and a Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet. After his capture by the FBI, he spent over five years in prison—the longest sentence ever given for hacking at the time.

Kevin will be showcasing how hacks have changed since this time with the addition of generative AI, including a live demo on how a black hat hacker could use ChatGPT and Google Bard to create sophisticated scams. He’ll be speaking alongside threat researcher Ronnie Tokazowski and Abnormal CISO Mike Britton, where they’ll discuss the implications of generative AI on the threat landscape.

Chapter 2 | Fighting AI with AI: A CISO Panel on Security Best Practices

Tuesday, October 24, 2023 | 2:00pm ET

After hearing what generative AI could do, you’ll want to know how to stop these attacks from reaching your employees. Join this session to hear from CISOs on how they're securing their organizations against the threat of generative AI. They’ll discuss the AI-powered attacks that are already targeting their organizations and provide insight into how they’re personally stopping them before they reach end users.

With speakers including Patrick Hellman, the CISO of Arrow Electronics, and Gary Brickhouse, the CISO at GuidePoint Security, this session will be packed full of all the information you need to create a solid security strategy prepared for the new and emerging threats caused by generative AI.

Chapter 3 | Securing the Future with AI: A Discussion Among Leading AI Experts

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 | 2:00pm ET

One thing is for certain when it comes to AI: we must be prepared for what comes next. Many organizations were unprepared for the onslaught of attacks brought on by generative AI, and we simply cannot let that continue as new advancements are made. This session will discuss what those advancements might be, and why you’ll need to solve the problems caused by bad AI with an equally powerful tool—good AI.

This session will be led by Zack Kass, the head of go-to-market strategy for OpenAI. He has worked as a vanguard of AI for the last 14 years and has orchestrated transformational AI strategies at organizations including Mixpanel and Lilt. He’ll be joined on this session with two other AI strategists: Evan Reiser, CEO of Abnormal Security, and a speaker from CrowdStrike. Together, they’ll share how they believe AI will continue to shift and provide best practices for how you can prepare now for a rapidly-changing future.

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Executive Roadshow: Coming to a City Near You

Prefer to discuss the convergence of AI and cybersecurity in person? We have that option too! If you’re a security leader or executive looking to hear from your peers over an intimate dinner conversation, our roadshow series is the perfect opportunity. Join us for a night of dinner and networking, hear from experts in AI, and learn from your peers during this exclusive roadshow—hitting your city soon.

Our dates and locations are set for San Francisco, Boston, and New York City, and we’ll be hitting Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington DC later in the year. Be sure to check out the full line-up of speakers, including investor Asheem Chandna and AI expert Evan Reiser, and request an invite to your city today.

Don’t see your city? Email us at to tell us where we should come next, and we’ll be in touch!

Discover the Future of AI and Cybersecurity

There is little denying that AI is dramatically changing the security landscape, and we must be prepared. This limited web series and executive roadshow is the perfect opportunity for you to understand the threat, engage with leading security executives, and prepare your own organization for the future. We hope you’ll join us.

Register for the limited web series and executive roadshow today to save your spot.

The Convergence of AI + Cybersecurity: Announcing Our Limited Series with Fast Company

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