Person Georges Arnaout

Georges Arnaout

VP of Customer Success

Georges Arnaout is the Vice President of Customer Success at Abnormal Security, where he leads the customer success management, renewal management, and success services teams worldwide. With over 15 years of experience in leading high-performing customer success teams across various technology sectors, Georges has a proven track record of operational excellence. His previous role as the Global VP of Customer Success at Exabeam saw him overseeing a diverse range of teams across customer success, technical account management, support, and professional services.

Key milestones in his career includes Georges' notable tenure at CloudHealth Technologies as the VP of Customer Success and his early involvement as one of the initial 50 employees before its acquisition by VMware/Broadcom, as well as his significant contributions at Kiva Systems prior to its acquisition by Amazon and transformation into Amazon Robotics. Georges is also on the advisory board of OpenView Venture Capital and Scale Venture Capital. He holds a Masters in Computer Sciences and a Ph.D. in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering from Old Dominion University.