VendorBase: Security for the Email Supply Chain

Prevent attacks and improve risk awareness for compromised vendors throughout the supply chain.
VendorBase: Security for the Email Supply Chain

Business thrives on relationships. People build trusted relationships, both internally and with third-party vendors, to help the business be successful. As a result, customers need to be able to trust their business relationships—to know with confidence that an email from a partner really came from that person and not from an attacker using a compromised or impersonated vendor account.

VendorBase™ improves attack prevention and risk awareness by sharing vendor compromise intelligence across the global, federated knowledge base. If a vendor account has been compromised, the risk score for that vendor is increased and emails from them will be flagged as suspicious for all customers.

Protect Against Email Supply Chain Attacks

  • Understands normal communication across all employee/vendor relationships and uses behavioral AI and machine learning models to identify any abnormalities.
  • Detects evidence of compromised vendors to block invoice fraud, vendor email compromise attacks, and vendor impersonation to keep customers safe.
  • Increases awareness of compromised vendors by informing all customers that interact with the vendor—whether or not the organization has been targeted.
  • Provides risk scores for all vendors, including related attack information for recently compromised vendors.
  • Tracks multiple attributes of vendor emails including vendor names, risk levels, vendor contacts, customer contacts, and geolocations.

$36 Million

Stopped by Abnormal in the largest invoice fraud attack to date.

$349 Million

Prevented losses for Abnormal customers from vendor fraud in 2023.


Abnormal customers were targeted by an attack from a compromised vendor in 2023.

Get AI Protection for Your Human Interactions

Protect your organization from socially-engineered email attacks that target human behavior.
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