2024 State of Cloud Account Takeover Attacks

Discover how security leaders are protecting their organizations against account takeover with insights from our survey of 300 cybersecurity stakeholders.
2024 State of Cloud Account Takeover Attacks

Account takeovers (ATOs) are becoming increasingly sophisticated, fueled by advancements in generative AI and social engineering tactics. As a result, the need for robust defense mechanisms has never been more critical.

Backed by data from hundreds of security professionals across various industries, our research report provides a deep dive into the current state of ATO attacks. It contains exclusive insights into the mechanisms of ATOs, the latest trends and countermeasures, and best practices for enhancing your security posture to combat this escalating threat.

State of Cloud ATO LP Graph

Download 2024 State of Cloud Account Takeover Attacks to learn:

  • The impact of account takeover attacks on global businesses

  • Key vulnerabilities within cloud services and business applications that attackers exploit

  • How effective current security measures are against ATOs

  • Strategic recommendations for improving your organization’s defense against ATO

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