Progress Residential, A Study in Security Success

Noah Wallace, Director of InfoSec at Progress Residential, shares the success and time-savings he's achieved since partnering with Abnormal.

As more companies adopt cloud email solutions, one thing is certain: they require a cloud-based email security platform that can respond not only to the volume but also to the sophistication of today’s advanced attacks.

Noah Wallace, Director of InfoSec at Progress Residential, fully understood this when he partnered with Abnormal. For him, the immediate benefits could not be overstated: from Abuse Mailbox Automation to threat analysis, Abnormal gave Noah and his team significant time back into their day to focus on more critical matters.

In this on-demand recording of our latest "Abnormal Demo Day", Noah and Gabe discuss:

  • The importance of text analysis and why it is useful
  • Why partnering with Abnormal is critical to making the platform better
  • How he leverages Abnormal as a community-based tool

Watch the webinar to hear about the benefits of Abnormal from a security leader on the front lines.

Progress Residential, A Study in Security Success

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