Greenhill Tackles Security Threats in Global Investment Space

Discover how a global investment company protects its most valuable assets from the most sophisticated cyberattacks in this on-demand webinar.
Greenhill Tackles Security Threats in Global Investment Space

Greenhill & Co. leads its client businesses through major milestones and complex processes: completing mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, raising capital, and obtaining financing. This position makes Greenhill an attractive target for cybercriminals seeking to steal data and funds through pervasive business email compromise (BEC) attacks. CIO/CISO John Shaffer fully recognizes this challenge and has responded with a strategic line of defense against these sophisticated attacks.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How Greenhill mitigated risk, maintained compliance, and improved efficiency within their email ecosystem
  • How Abnormal helped Greenhill prevent over 11,000+ name impersonation attacks, from internal executives to trusted vendors
  • How Greenhill restored time for his security team and bolstered client confidence by improving threat responses

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John Hoyt

Clemson University

Ryan Schwartz

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Abnormal Security

John Shaffer


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