Fighting AI with AI: A CISO Panel on Security Best Practices

Get real-world insights from Fortune 1000 CISOs in Chapter 2 of our Convergence of AI + Cybersecurity series.
Fighting AI with AI: A CISO Panel on Security Best Practices

So ChatGPT and Google Bard are here to stay, but do you really need to change your security practices? Are cybercriminals actually going to use these tools to attack you?

The answer is yes. And this session will tell you what your peers are doing to stop it.

In Chapter 2 of The Convergence of AI + Cybersecurity three-part series, Fortune 1000 CISOs discussed their best practices for fighting AI with AI.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • What prompted them to start adding AI to their security stack

  • Which tools they’re using to protect against attacks and augment their security teams

  • How they’re measuring success across the organization

  • What you need to do now to stay ahead in this AI arms race

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Bradley Schaufenbuel


Gary Brickhouse

GuidePoint Security

Patrick Hellman

Arrow Electronics

Stephen Ward

Managing Director

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