ESG: Technical Validation of Abnormal

See a technical validation report detailing ESG's analysis of the Abnormal platform for cloud email security.
ESG: Technical Validation of Abnormal

The increasing complexity of cyberattacks has made traditional security measures inadequate for the needs of modern businesses. ‌In contrast, Abnormal Security protects organizations from socially-engineered attacks that bypass legacy email security solutions. This technical validation from Enterprise Strategy Group shows how.

The ESG validation also shows the efficacy and value of Abnormal’s ability to alert organizations to potentially compromised vendors and track them in VendorBase.

Download the ESG Technical Validation of Abnormal to learn:

  • How behavioral AI detects and remediates malicious emails before end users see them

  • How the API enables easy integration in only three clicks

  • How VendorBase alerts organizations to potentially compromised vendors

  • What overall protection value Abnormal can provide to your organization

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The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Technical Validation of Abnormal is a commissioned analyst report distributed under license from TechTarget, Inc.

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