Email-Like Security Posture Management

Monitor high-impact changes to user privileges across collaboration apps with Email-Like Security Posture Management.
Email-Like Security Posture Management

Security teams lack visibility into user privileges across collaboration platforms. Who has admin access on Slack? Who can see all of the recordings in Zoom?

These blindspots open the door for attackers looking to compromise privileged accounts and use them to move laterally throughout the organization. Beyond outright threats, privilege misconfiguration that unintentionally gives users excessive permissions and access could lead to privacy and compliance risks.

Email-Like Security Posture Management helps you understand user privileges across your collaboration platforms.

  • Dynamically monitors for user privilege changes across Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, including timestamps and users involved—determining which changes may present a risk and need further investigation.
  • Provides a before-and-after view of each change—giving insight into what the normal state looked like and how a given application has been affected. The platform includes links to the PeopleBase profiles for users involved and next steps to aid in investigation.
  • Supports remediation with a simple workflow to acknowledge each change for cross-team accountability. Admins can also schedule email notifications and export events to the SIEM so that high-risk changes can be actioned quickly.

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