Cloud Platform Integrations

Get unprecedented visibility, control, and protection across your everyday applications.
Cloud Platform Integrations

Cloud-based email accounts are like an employee’s corporate identity. Your employees are likely using this identity as a single sign-on across many SaaS applications and cloud platforms, opening doors for productivity and making these identities incredibly desirable for attackers.

And while security teams are faced with the challenge of protecting both the applications and the identities, they often lack direct access to and visibility into the applications they must protect.

The gap in visibility and control of cloud identities and applications leaves security teams with no way to take swift remediation action. For example, when accounts become compromised, there is no way to quickly and easily terminate sessions, reset passwords, or block access.

Abnormal Provides the Solution

Enhance your Abnormal deployment with identity, SaaS and cloud infrastructure applications, including Okta, Salesforce, ServiceNow, AWS, Workday, and more, all with quick and easy API-based integrations.

Unify cloud identities into a consolidated profile within PeopleBase—even across multiple tenants and domains.

Terminate access for compromised identities in one click, resetting passwords and blocking access across all impacted platforms.

Enhance the efficacy of Abnormal’s AI detection with more data ingestion to gain context and understanding of behavioral insights for users, providing instant answers to access questions like “Who is a Workday admin?” and “How often does a user log into Salesforce?”

The Abnormal Advantage at a Glance

Provides superior visibility across platforms. See notable user activity, including cross-application privileges, insights derived by Abnormal AI, and a cross-platform identity timeline of notable events, like authentications and privileged actions.

Gives control across applications. Leverage autonomous AI to protect platforms that users are accessing with their cloud-based email identities, whether or not you have admin rights to those apps.

Accelerates incident response. Speed up your investigations with a consolidated view of sign-in activity and notable events across disparate applications.

Enriches behavioral understanding. More data enables greater understanding and insights of user behavior and normal activity for identities across cloud-based platforms and SaaS applications.


of all third-party applications have high-risk permissions.


applications connected to more than one email tenant across the Abnormal customer base.


applications connected to the average organization's email tenant.

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