CISO Chat(GPT): How Top Brands are Using AI in Cybersecurity

Explore the transformative impact of Generative AI on security with insights from CISOs. Distinguish real concerns from hype and elevate your career in this essential webinar from Vision 2024.
CISO Chat(GPT): How Top Brands are Using AI in Cybersecurity

Generative AI has changed the world in a few short months, but how do you tell real security concern from marketing hype? In this panel, four CISOs discuss how AI is changing their security strategy, explain what they are doing to keep their organizations protected, and give key insights to help you advance in your career.

Watch this on-demand webinar from Vision 2024 to learn:

  • Why CISOs across all industries are worried about how AI will impact their organizations

  • What you can do now to better protect your security infrastructure from the coming threats

  • Why they see AI-native cybersecurity companies as the future

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Andrew Albrecht



Jason Stead

Choice Hotels

Mike Britton


Abnormal Security

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