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May 8, 2023
Account Takeover
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Posture Management

Announcing Email-Like Security for Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams

Email-Like Messaging Security

Allows administrators to take action against malicious activity, monitoring Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom for messages that contain suspicious URLs and then flagging potential threats for further review. Malicious messages are surfaced regardless of whether the message is sent from an internal employee or an external contractor.

Email-Like Account Takeover Protection

Analyzes authentication activity in Slack, Teams and Zoom, alerting security teams to suspicious sign-in events—whether a user is signing in from a blocked browser, in a risky location or on a known-bad IP address. Each event is automatically flagged for immediate investigation, with single sign-on (SSO) activity from Okta and Azure Active Directory included for additional evidence.

Email-Like Security Posture Management

Gives security teams a complete view of user privilege changes in Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom to ensure only the appropriate users have admin rights. Email-Like Security Posture Management dynamically monitors for new changes, surfacing those that are considered high impact.