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What Our $50M Series B Investment Means for Our Customers

When we founded Abnormal Security more than two and a half years ago, we met with 50 top CIOs and CISOs who told us two things.

They needed a solution to stop a novel set of cyberattacks that increasingly bypassed legacy email security solutions, and it needed to be cloud-native, easy to evaluate and simple to operate.

With this in mind, we started the company with two key principles:

  • Customer focus: Everything we do should help solve these critical customer problems.
  • Act with urgency: Knowing that these organizations were under attack and exposed; we had to act quickly and with urgency.

Our focus has been unwavering: To help our customers by solving their biggest, costliest and most challenging cybersecurity threats. Our platform is quick to deploy and easy to use: we integrate to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace via native APIs in just one click and our AI engine goes to work immediately to understand the normal behaviors of the organization. The entire system is self-configuring and delivers results immediately, blocking the most sophisticated, targeted email attacks.

Doubling Down for Our Customers

Our customers have told us not only about the incredible value we provide but how quickly they realize it. This is the primary reason for our tremendous growth in the Fortune 1000, which is further fueled by the growing importance of email security as enterprises shift to remote work and accelerate cloud deployments. 

Our early customers were visionaries. They partnered with us and their feedback directly drove the product that we offer today. Collectively, we’re confident that we have a solution that can help all enterprises. 

This is why we’re thrilled to welcome Venky Ganesan and Menlo Ventures, who led our $50 million Series B funding, to our team. After spending time with our customers, he recognized the opportunity to continue investing in our technology platform and scale our teams so we could protect and support every enterprise around the world. As he said in his blog post on Menlo’s investment today, “every CISO should set their sights on Abnormal as an essential investment to complete their cloud office security strategy.”

What This Means for Our Customers

I’m even more excited about the number of benefits this investment provides our customers:

  • Greater value: extending our value as the most effective threat detection for enterprise email security by growing our machine learning and data science teams
  • Greater capabilities: extending our platform to more broadly protect cloud office environments and supply chains
  • Greater customer support: expanding our enterprise customer success team to ensure our customers get more value from our platform

Being a cloud-native platform that integrates via APIs provides us with access to 10x more data than any email security solution on the market. This data set is diverse, including information about people, relationships and business context to understand the baseline behaviors of people inside companies. This makes our AI threat detection engine the most effective at recognizing abnormal behavior, which is more important than memorizing threat intelligence for stopping social engineering attacks such as impersonation or vendor compromise.

It also allows us to expand the value we provide beyond email security to more deeply protect the collaboration environments that remote workers rely upon, as well as help with data loss prevention and supply chain security in the future. We’re excited to continue growing our team and building on our success for the benefit of our customers.

For more details on today’s news, I invite you to check out this article by Kenrick Cai of Forbes. If you’d like to learn more about how Abnormal can help you today, we’d love to connect for a demo. Evaluating the platform could not be easier because of our one-click integration. Our customers have called it “the best five minutes of integration effort that you’ve ever had to return on investment.”

While today is an important milestone, we know the job of satisfying our customers and prospects never stops. With more resources behind us, they can count on us to do it with even greater urgency.

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