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Financial services organizations saw rising invoice fraud and business email compromise in 2023. Discover the stats and how to protect financial enterprises.
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Discover how one threat actor compromised five vendor organizations to commit the same invoice fraud attack against more than a dozen victims.
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Learn the biggest risks associated with your vendor relationships and how to protect your organization from Vendor Email Compromise (VEC) attacks.
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Discover how Abnormal detects and remediates payment fraud and invoice email attacks that bypass secure email gateways (SEGs).
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B Employees Engaging with Email Attacks
See just how convincing modern email attacks can be and how cybercriminals can leverage social engineering to trick employees with these two real attacks.
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Discover how Abnormal provides detailed risk assessments based on vendor email analysis with VendorBase.
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You’ll find similar characteristics in BEC that you will in VEC. A common trait of BEC is it does not contain malware or malicious URLs, and due to that technique, it is able to bypass conventional email security measures like SEGs. BEC relies...
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