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Vineet Edupuganti

Senior Product Manager

Vineet Edupuganti is a Senior Product Manager at Abnormal Security, where he works on infrastructure/platform initiatives, integrations, and data loss prevention. He has a background in research and engineering, and previously worked as a Machine Learning Engineer on Abnormal's Threat Detection team. Prior to Abnormal, he spent time at other Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook and New Relic. A native Oregonian, he enjoys travel and the outdoors, as well as exploring the culinary scene in the SF Bay Area.

B 12 03 22 SIEM
Learn about Abnormal’s enhanced SIEM export schema, which provides centralized visibility into email threats
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Blog automation workflows cover
Our newest platform capabilities help customers streamline critical security workflows, like triaging phishing mailbox submissions or triggering tickets to investigate account takeovers, through automated playbooks. Doing so can decrease mean time to respond (MTTR) to incidents, further reducing any potential risk to the organization and eliminating manual workflows to save time and increase the efficiency of IT and security teams.
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Blog siem integration cover
Abnormal is focused on our customers, which is why we’re continually updating our product based on customer feedback. Our newest platform capabilities help customers maximize existing security investments with several integrations that will allow security operation centers (SOCs) to better respond to security events and align with internal workflows.
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At Abnormal Security, one of our key objectives is to build a detection engine that can continuously adapt to a changing attack landscape. As such, we want to ensure that our systems can rapidly adjust to recent and high-value messages—even with...
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