Release Notes

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February 2021


  • New Threat Log Filter: There is a new Threat Log filter in the portal called Attack Topics, which will sort threats by predefined subjects within an email message. Customers benefit from more accurate search capabilities and increased visibility into attacks. Certain messages may contain several topics and Attack Type subjects include:
    • Cryptocurrency: Contains business insights or language related to cryptocurrency.
    • Invoices: Contains links, attachments, or language related to invoices.
    • Billing Account Update: Message requests to update billing account details.
    • COVID-19 Related Attack: Contains language pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Invoice Inquiry: Contains language inquiring about an invoice.
  • Detection 360°: We've launched a new interface to handle missed attacks and false positives (FP/FN) called Detection 360°, which streamlines the process for submitting or reviewing these messages. Detection 360° is accessed via a tab at the top navigation in the Portal, making it easier to report and keep track of investigations. Note that the form for reporting messages is now a button called “Submit Detection Enhancements.” The new interface also provides a quick glimpse of review volume, Abnormal’s platform efficacy, and filtering of reports based on status or date.