Abnormal Engineering Stories, Episode #2: Future of ML Platform

Over the last three years building our ML-based cybersecurity products at Abnormal Security, I’ve benefitted enormously from discussions with colleagues in the ML space. This podcast aims to make some of those conversations available.

In our second episode of Abnormal Engineering Stories, Nico Koumchatzky and I discuss the future of ML platform, what it means to be an ML Engineer, and the ML challenges faced at Abnormal and Nvidia. Nico is the Senior Director of AI Infrastructure at Nvidia, and before that, he ran Twitter’s ML Platform team, “Twitter Cortex,” where he and I worked together.

This discussion includes:

  • A wide-ranging and enjoyable discussion on the current and future state of ML platform with analogies to the history of software engineering
  • The role of the “ML Engineer” and why any successful ML practitioner needs to have one foot in the software engineering world (code, IDEs, databases, services, etc.) and the other foot in the machine learning world (experimentation, data science, algorithms, etc.)
  • Challenges we are trying to solve in our organizations including stopping cybercrime (at Abnormal) and building a platform to enable fast and large-scale ML and autonomous vehicles (at Nvidia)!

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