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Jordan Lee

Security Analyst Team Lead

Jordan Lee is a Security Analyst Team Lead for the CSI team, which investigates cybersecurity threats to determine if they're benign or malicious. He oversees the training, coordination, and efficiency of team members, and also contributes to the Abnormal Blog, facilitates inter-department conversations, and improves detection and labeling accuracy.

Prior to joining Abnormal, Jordan graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He currently loves working from home because he can stay located in Utah and keep attending BYU sporting events. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing sports like basketball and pickleball and finding hidden gem foodie spots wherever he goes.

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Credential phishing links are most commonly sent by email, and they typically lead to a website that is designed to look like common applications—most notably Microsoft Office 365, Google, Amazon, or other well-known...
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Identity theft is not a joke, impacting more than 14 million people each year in the United States alone. Over the course of their lifetime, nearly one-third of all people will become victims of identity theft—often as a result of a corporate data breach. Once attackers have access to identifying information like your full name, address, date of birth, and/or social security number...
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