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Dalin Stone

Security Analyst

Dalin Stone is a former Security Analyst at Abnormal Security, where he spent the majority of his time analyzing email attacks. When he's not analyzing thousands of attacks, he enjoys watching rom-com movies with his wife, playing fetch with his cat, and exploring the local cuisine.

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Higher education institutions continue to be prime targets for attack as cybercrimianls prey on unsuspecting students.
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No one wants to receive an email from human resources that they aren’t expecting. After all, that usually means bad news. And when we think there may be bad news, cybersecurity training tends to fall by the wayside. Threat actors know this, and they’re taking advantage of human emotions.
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With school starting this month, cybercriminals are back in action—targeting university students in an attempt to steal valuable personal information. In a recent attack uncovered by Abnormal, a credential phishing attacker used a legitimate email account and created false urgency to steal student credentials through a phishing website.
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