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Streamline SOC Operations and Improve User Productivity

Unburden security teams, messaging teams, and employees when you replace your legacy secure email gateway (SEG) with Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security and Microsoft 365.

Manual Triage and Response

The security team wastes time reviewing user-reported emails, when more than 90% of emails are actually safe.

Hard to Find Attacks

Searching for and remediating a malicious email in a SEG can take 15-90 minutes per message.

Excessive Spam

Spam bypasses the SEG and employees spend 1200 minutes a year reviewing those messages.

The Solution:

Abnormal ICES + Microsoft

Together, Abnormal ICES and Microsoft provide a modern, cloud-native solution that protects organizations from the full spectrum of email attacks and unifies reporting and management into one, easy-to-use dashboard.

No more reactive rules to build: With Abnormal’s advanced behavioral AI and Microsoft 365’s threat intelligence-based protection, you can consolidate email security into a more streamlined architecture—eliminating the need for manual configuration and constant refinement.

“Abnormal automatically reduces our threat
exposure and shrinks our attack surface.”

How Abnormal Helps You Streamline Operations and Increase Productivity

Enables Faster Triage

Abuse Mailbox leverages AI to automate the evaluation of employee-reported emails and marks them as safe or malicious. Security teams can quickly respond to user reports with easy-to-use automated templates.


Provides Intelligent,
Automated Remediation

When Abnormal identifies a risky or malicious email, it automatically remediates the message and all others like it. Remediation is nearly instantaneous, ensuring full risk mitigation with no manual intervention.


Improves Your End User Experience

Abnormal learns each user’s preference as they move emails between inbox, spam, and promotional folders, and automatically creates and manages individualized safe and block lists.

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Simplifies Search Functionality

Search and Respond functionality empowers security teams to find messages in seconds across not only the inbox but also junk, promotions, and deleted folders. One simple interface allows teams to perform multiple searches and remediate or recover messages.


The Abnormal Difference

Explainable AI

Makes it fast and easy to understand why any email has been flagged as safe or malicious.

Abuse Mailbox Automation

Automates the entire process of evaluating user-reported emails, with automated investigation, confirmation, triage, and remediation of user-reported suspicious messages.


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See the Abnormal Solution to the Email Security Problem

Protect your organization from the full spectrum of email attacks with Abnormal.

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