Stop Emails with Malware Links

Detect and stop malware links before your employees can click on them.
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Links to Malware are Often Hidden

Attackers target unsuspecting employees through seemingly trusted digital identities, encouraging them to click on links that contain malware. The emails use relevant topics, convincing content, and impersonate notable brands for more credibility.

How Abnormal Stops Email with Malware Links

  1. Learns normal behavioral patterns to detect suspicious emails from unfamiliar senders.
  2. Analyzes file-sharing links to correlate any potentially suspicious activity with learned attack patterns.
  3. Scans the tone and content of the email for anomalous behavioral patterns.

A Unique Approach to Stopping Malware Links

  1. The API integration can view internal and external emails and detect unusual email sending patterns.
  2. Behavioral AI models analyze file-sharing links and correlate with known attacks.
  3. Analyzes domains and URLs against a broad variety of reputation checks, including those with automatic redirects.

Abnormal Benefits of Stopping Malware Links

Prevents the spread of malware and ransomware.
Enables employees to trust that they're clicking on safe links in their email.
Prevents malware installs that can lead to corrupted devices and data breaches.
Abnormal quickly acts on malicious emails because it’s all API-based, versus PowerShell scripts. It’s not another hop in the email thread, so there are fewer potential points of delivery failure.”
— Chad Spiers, Director of Cybersecurity, Sentara Health

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