Vision 2023: Looking Ahead at 2023 Cyber Threats

Discover more about the next generation of threats from some of the leading voices in cybersecurity. Get on-demand access to recordings from Vision 2023.

When email was first introduced decades ago, the focus was simply on facilitating communication, with security as an afterthought. Even today, email remains one of the most vulnerable methods of attack.

With new threats emerging daily, security professionals must do everything they can to stay one step ahead.

The Vision 2023 virtual conference was designed to help security leaders learn how the future of cybercrime (and cybersecurity) is changing. Featuring the biggest names in cybersecurity, this event explored the evolving threats that modern organizations face—both today and in the future.

You can now access on-demand recordings of every session, including:

  • Preparing for the Threats of the Future: CISO Concerns for 2023
  • The Art of the (Im)possible: Overcoming Business Email Compromise
  • Protecting Your Microsoft 365 Environment from BEC and More

With speakers including Frank Abagnale, Rachel Tobac, and the Secret Service, there is something here for everyone.

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You are eligible for 1 (ISC)² CPE credit for each hour viewed, for a total of up to 7 credits.

Vision 2023: Looking Ahead at 2023 Cyber Threats

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