How to Stop QR Code Phishing Attacks

Discover how Abnormal uses behavioral AI and image processing to combat QR code phishing attacks.
How to Stop QR Code Phishing Attacks

QR codes have become a popular form of information sharing, but unfortunately, they also face exploitation by bad actors. This is a growing attack type with a recent Abnormal study identifying 17% of all advanced attacks utilized malicious QR codes. Using behavioral AI and image processing, Abnormal offers a robust solution against QR code phishing attacks.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Abnormal:

  • Utilizes behavioral signals to detect anomalies in attachments or linked-based signals

  • Processes images to detect QR codes and parse the corresponding information

  • Detects thousands of QR code attacks per week

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Jace Holyoak

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Abnormal Security

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