SANS Protects: Enterprise Email 2022

Explore some of the most common threats to enterprise email and how organizations can block malicious attacks from entering their environment.
SANS Protects: Enterprise Email 2022

Threat actors are continuously developing new techniques for using email to launch attacks and are growing increasingly adept at social engineering tactics to trick employees into sharing sensitive data. Given the success rates of these sophisticated email attacks, organizations must be proactive about detection and remediation.

This report from SANS explores some of the most common email-based threats and shares how organizations can evaluate and enhance their environment to protect their workforce.

Download SANS Protects: Enterprise Email 2022 report to learn:

  • What the biggest threats to enterprise email are today

  • How organizations are benefiting from using technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning

  • Why it’s important to ensure end users know how to spot malicious emails

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