Abnormal for Retail

Threat actors exploit retailers' complex vendor ecosystems to launch email attacks seeking customer data and company funds. Learn how Abnormal protects retailers.

Abnormal is a cloud-native email security platform that protects against the widest range of email attacks with high efficacy. The API-based solution integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in minutes, and our behavioral AI baselines normal behavior to block deviations from known good, protecting your retail organization from the most dangerous email threats.

Abnormal for Retail Stats

Criminals Target Retailers for Cardholder Data and Funds

Major retailers have enormous email ecosystems with thousands of employees and vendors and millions of customers. Criminals exploit that complexity to launch email attacks seeking customer data and company funds. Successful attacks that lead to fraud or data breaches can drive customer churn: About 20% of consumers will leave a brand after one bad experience.

Advanced Email Attacks Bypass Traditional Security

Sophisticated credential phishing and vendor email compromise attacks slip through email filters and secure email gateways (SEGs) by posing as messages from trusted senders. As these malicious emails reach employees’ inboxes, the risk rises for data breaches, account takeovers, and malware attacks that put customer data at risk.

A Retail Email Security Solution Built to Stop Advanced Threats

Abnormal’s cloud-native solution integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in minutes and uses thousands of signals across identity, behavior, and content to separate legitimate messages from dangerous threats. Because Abnormal can recognize threat indicators in new and ongoing conversations, it can immediately detect and remediate threats that traditional email security solutions won’t stop.

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Abnormal for Retail

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