Email Security and Legal Compliance

Unlock the essential operational and legal aspects associated with emails and similar types of communication to gain insight into your organisation's legal obligations and combat cyber threats more effectively.
Email Security and Legal Compliance: Navigating Organisational Responsibilities in the Cyberthreat Landscape

Email and email-like communications like chat messages are valuable tools for modern businesses, but they also present many threats to the security of information. Bad actors are finding new ways to gain access to organisations’ communications technologies, networks, and information systems.

To combat these threats, there are an array of laws that regulate the use of email and email-like communications systems. Global Head of Data Protection and Cyber Security at DWF Law Stewart Room outlines these legal principles in the following report.

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  • Which cybersecurity and data protection laws are associated with email and email-like communications

  • How organisations can ensure they are maintaining legal compliance across all forms of communication

  • Why organisations will want to consider the latest email-like security technologies offered

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