Quiz: Attack or Not?

Test your ability to distinguish malicious emails from safe ones in this interactive quiz.
Quiz: Attack or Not?

Cybercriminals can now create email attacks that are nearly impossible for the average employee to spot. New technologies make creating convincing phishing attacks or impersonating an executive simple—and employees are more distracted than ever before.

Do you know which emails in your inbox are attacks? Do you have what it takes to tell them apart?

Try your luck in our new quiz! The examples shown here are actual emails received by Abnormal customers.

Abnormal AI understands human behavior better than humans to keep your employees safe. Our behavioral approach has enabled Abnormal to stop phishing attacks, fraud, socially-engineered threats, and account takeovers across cloud email with 10x the efficacy and accuracy of any other solution—understanding normal human behavior to detect the anomalies.

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