Abnormal Account Takeover Protection ExpansionNow in Limited Release

86% OF ORGANIZATIONS EXPERIENCED AN ACCOUNT TAKEOVER LAST YEAR. Credential compromise is the root cause of cloud breaches, so protecting against phishing is critical. But with malicious AI tools and MFA-bypass-as-a-service phishing kits, attackers are finding new ways to compromise the most important cloud apps within an organization. Abnormal's latest expansion of Account Takeover Protection solves this issue with compromised account detection and remediation for the most widely-used cloud applications and infrastructure platforms.  Abnormal’s Human Behavior AI automatically monitors and analyzes your cloud environment—extending uniform protection across multiple cloud applications and services, from Salesforce and ServiceNow to Atlassian and AWS, plus a dozen others. This solution has recently moved into Limited Release. If you are interested in learning more and saving your spot on the waitlist, request access here.

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