Email Protection

Reduce the risk of security incidents, embarrassing mistakes and financial loss by protecting your employees from modern targeted email attacks.

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Automatically block targeted email attacks that bypass legacy email security controls.

Abnormal Security protects organizations from the full range of targeted email attacks by combining data science technologies with the unique visibility and data provided by a cloud-native API architecture.

Abnormal Security’s Email Protection:

  • Does not impact any existing email security tools
  • Leverages unique data and technology to detect attacks
  • Protects against inbound and internal email attacks
  • Provides robust reporting, analytics and insights of email attacks

Product Capabilities

Abnormal Security provides everything you need for comprehensive email protection, detection and response.

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Data science that you can see


Automated Insights & Explanations

Abnormal’s decision engine will explain and summarize the automated analysis of the 1,000+ signals, heuristics and sub-models that were used to detect the attack.


Intelligent Attack Classification

Abnormal recognizes attack strategies, tactics & targets, and will classify each attack across these dimensions to provide superior analytics and insights.


Content & Language Analysis

Abnormal analyzes email content and attachments using natural language processing to understand sophisticated attacks by identifying entities, topics, tone and sentiment.


Dynamic Identity Resolution

Abnormal automatically cross-references employee directories and contact lists to identify suspicious signals and uncover impersonation or account compromise.


Business Relationship Analysis

Abnormal uses the Relationship Graph to map relationships between employees, departments, vendors and external organizations.


AI Attack Detection

Abnormal’s detection engine is powered by hundreds of sub models and thousands of data signals in an ensemble machine learning architecture to detect the broadest range of attacks with minimal false positives.