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Learn about recent enhancements to Abnormal's behavioral AI security platform.
April 2, 2024
Posture Management

RBAC Improvements

Custom RBAC roles are now available, replacing the Per-Product Admin option. The update allows for more granular per-tenant permission controls to be set: to allow no access, read-only, or read+write access. No action is needed: Any roles using Per-Product Admin were automatically updated to Custom Roles persisting the same permission settings you previously designated.

In addition, customers using SPM will be able to specify which specific user accounts are allowed to:

  1. View the Security Posture Management tabs in Portal
  2. Acknowledge posture changes

This is the first application to implement Abnormal’s new RBAC platform, which is designed to improve the Abnormal user experience and meet customer needs. Additional access control options will continue to be added to various features based on customer feedback.