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June 21, 2024
Posture Management

Event Status Labels for Security Posture Management

Continuing the trend of new enhancements for Security Posture Management, status updates are now available for each posture change. While this may sound like a minor enhancement, this is an answer to a major customer need as Security Posture Management now allows security teams to coordinate a response to risky posture changes and ensure the entire team is appropriately notified of progress.

Security teams can now track investigatory and remediation processes by labeling each risky posture change as:

  • “Needs review” for new or unread events

  • “In progress” if the team is currently investigating the change

  • “Acknowledged (resolved)” when a change has been corrected

  • “Acknowledged (not important)” for a change that was deemed to not be a risk

Further, any changes noted as “Acknowledged (not important)” will serve to enrich Abnormal’s AI models, refining future detections.