Why Abnormal

Help us protect the internet

We are on a mission to fight the toughest cyber crimes. Our journey is just getting started.

Why Email?

BEC is the #1 cybercrime

According to the FBI, Business Email Compromise (BEC) is the #1 cybercrime, accounting for almost half of all cybercrime losses. In the past 3 years, an estimated $26B has been lost as a result of BEC. Every company uses email to communicate. Learn more.

Our Opportunity

Shifting threat landscape

BEC losses have increased by 14x over the past 5 years, according to the FBI. The threat landscape has shifted. In the past, attacks tended to be mass emails with malicious payloads (e.g. links, attachments) from untrusted parties. Today, attacks are frequently personalized, payload-less, and from trusted vendors. Traditional solutions are not as effective in catching this new wave of advanced BEC attacks.

Our Opportunity

Disruptive technology

Computing infrastructure, including email, is moving to the Cloud. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more popular, enabled by better and cheaper computing and storage technologies. These technologies are enabling the next generation of email security solutions.

In the security industry, constant innovation is needed as attackers try to overcome defenses. We aim to get better every day to protect our customers.

Our Story


Evan and Sanjay founded Abnormal Security. Having previously built large scale machine learning platforms for Ad Tech, they realized that there was a huge opportunity in email security where ML technologies can be applied to stop the most advanced social engineering attacks.


We launched our platform, which protects against targeted attacks by using AI to analyze behavior and content. We signed our first Fortune 500 customers and raised $24M in Series A funding from Greylock Partners.


We continued to grow rapidly, surpassed 1M mailboxes under protection. We raised $50M in Series B funding from Menlo Ventures. We expanded our team, hiring from leading technology and security companies like Twitter, Amazon, Proofpoint, and Palo Alto Networks.


Where we need to be: Security threats are continuously evolving. Our journey is just getting started.

Ingredients for Success

Preparation Meets Opportunity

Massive Opportunity

The threat and technology landscapes have changed. Every company is exposed to damaging BEC attacks, and we are building the next generation of email security to stop them, leveraging AI and the Cloud.

Happy Customers

Customers love the accuracy and ease of use of our product. We love customer feedback- it guides our product direction. We have found product-market fit.

Experienced Team

Our team consists of machine learning and cybersecurity veterans that have scaled TellApart, Twitter, Proofpoint, and Carbon Black.

Backed by Top Tier VCs

We are fortunate to have funding from Greylock Partners and Menlo Ventures.

Learn and Contribute

Join a hypergrowth company that values mentorship and ownership

Breakout Growth

We are one of the fastest growing cybersecurity companies today and are fortunate to be backed by leading investors in Greylock Partners and Menlo Ventures.


Our leaders have scaled technology and cybersecurity companies like TellApart, Twitter, Proofpoint, and Carbon Black. Learn from senior team members while having ownership over critical projects.

Complex Engineering Challenges

Our systems act at high scale (>1M queries per second) and low latency (<10ms). We leverage AI and Cloud technology to build highly accurate detection systems that customers can integrate with in minutes.

Lasting Impact

We are early in our journey, and your work will form the foundation of the next generation of email security.

Fight Cyber Crime

We provide safety and security to some of the world’s largest companies. Learn more about our mission.

Why Abnormal

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"The efficacy of our product is a combination of worldclass ML modeling, infrastructure and product design. If anyone wants to learn how to build a worldclass product, Abnormal is one of the best places you can do that."

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