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Yang Ang

Yang Ang is a software engineer based in Singapore working on the product engineering team in Abnormal Security. Prior to joining Abnormal, he earned his master’s degree in Computer Science in Georgia Tech and worked in Credit Suisse as a DevOps and tooling software engineer. When not busy coding, Yang spends his time outdoors playing sports such as basketball, tennis, soccer and the occasional disc golf.

B 09 06 22 Rearchitecting a System Blog
We recently shared a look at how the Abnormal engineering team overhauled our Unwanted Mail service architecture to accommodate our rapid growth. Today, we’re diving into how the team migrated traffic to the new architecture—with zero downtime.
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B Overhauled Architecture Blog 08 29 22
As our customer base has expanded, so has the volume of emails our system processes. Here’s how we overcame scaling challenges with one service in particular.
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