December 1, 2022
Abstract Violet Hills

CUNY IT Conference

The 21st annual CUNY IT Conference will convene this fall! The conference brings together faculty and administration from across the CUNY system to discuss IT.

This year’s theme, The Power and Perils of Scripting, will consider the power that scripts play in our educational, professional and personal lives. Scripts can take many forms, but scripts at their most basic are a series of instructions that help us structure and order our activities – and they are designed to be repeated. We use narrative scripts to explain the world, process scripts to structure our teaching and learning and software scripts to streamline and automate operations. Where do these scripts require critical evaluation to adapt to the changing landscape of higher education? Where do we need scripts, but do not yet have them? What impact do scripts of various kinds have on our lives and work? How does technology support our efforts to change existing scripts or to introduce new scripts?

The 21st annual CUNY IT Conference will explore ideas such as:

  • Providing students with a user-friendly technology experience can be very challenging. What opportunities are there for a smooth, scripted user experience as students proceed through their educational lifecycle – from prospect to alum? Who should collaborate in creating these scripts?
  • As faculty, what scripts are you already using or dreaming about to make course design and curriculum design better?
  • When automating processes through scripts, how do we ensure that they support equity, diversity and inclusion?
  • Have you found a way to automate time-consuming processes? Show off your scripted automations and help your colleagues streamline and serve students better.

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