Abnormal Security’s global, federated database of vendor and customer behaviors to stop supply chain compromise, cyber attacks and fraud.

  • Native API integration to Office 365 to automatically map organizations and business processes in your supply chain
  • Continuous behavioral analysis and risk scoring of vendors and customers
  • Prevents social engineering, account compromise and fraud

Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply chain attacks have emerged as a preferred technique by many BEC attackers, exploiting trusted relationships using social engineering techniques. VendorBase provides a real-time, stateful risk assessment of vendors and customers communicating with your organization to stop supply chain fraud.

01 No Configuration or Setup Required

Auto-Identification of Vendors and Customers. Vendorbase automatically classifies vendors and customers based on your email communication.

  • Identifies Invoices, Purchase Orders, Order Forms, etc
  • Classifies vendors and customers based on communications
  • Monitors communications based on understanding of relationship

02 Continuous Reputation and Risk Scoring

Automatically computed vendor/customer risk score based on:

  • Domains being impersonated or spoofed
  • Accounts being compromised
  • Suspicious and/or illegitimate businesses

03 Stop Attacks, Enable Remediation

Detailed views of all vendors.

  • Stop supply chain attacks from impersonated, spoofed, or compromised vendors
  • Provide vendor feedback for investigation and remediation