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Vendors as Your Largest BEC Threat: The Shift to Financial Supply Chain Compromise in 2022

Since the CEO fraud that dominated the last few years isn't nearly as successful as it used to be, threat actors have shifted their strategy—moving away from internal impersonation and instead focusing on impersonating third parties.

This shift represents a substantial evolution in the business email compromise (BEC) threat landscape and has given rise to what we call financial supply chain compromise. Failing to recognize and mitigate this new threat can be costly: the average invoice fraud attack costs $183,000, and Abnormal has seen attacks with requests of upwards of $2.1 million.

In this on-demand webinar, Crane Hassold, Abnormal's Director of Threat Intelligence, answers your questions about financial supply chain compromise, including:

  • What are the various types of financial supply chain compromise?

  • How do threat actors use impersonation and account compromise to run invoice fraud, aging report attacks, and RFQ scams?

  • Why have threat actors shifted tactics, and what do your employees need to know?

  • How can you stop these evolving attacks before they reach your inboxes?

Complete the form to watch the recording and learn how to protect your organization from financial supply chain compromise attacks.

After viewing this webinar, you are eligible for 1 CPE credit through (ISC)².

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