Q1 2021: The Rising Threat of Vendor Email Compromise

Read the Q1 2021 threat report to learn the latest on vendor email compromise, including which scams are most successful and why the volume of attacks has grown so significantly.

The historic attack on SolarWinds opened the world’s eyes to supply chain attacks from compromised vendor email accounts. Abnormal Security sees clear evidence that the same technique used in the SolarWinds attack—vendor email compromise—is going mainstream.

Download the threat report to learn:

  • How the volume of VEC attacks has grown over the last six months
  • Why these attacks are so costly, with the average attack running $183,000
  • Which goals, including invoice fraud and RFQ scams, are most successful
  • What approaches organizations can take to protect themselves from VEC

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After reading this report, you are eligible for .5 CPE credits through (ISC)².

Supply chain communications are trusted and typically convey a sense of urgency, making it easy for these types of attacks to blend in with legitimate and valid emails. Since the attacks come from trusted yet impersonated or compromised vendor accounts, organizations often cannot detect when an attack is underway until it’s too late.

These attacks highlight the importance of tools to ensure supply chain security like VendorBase Abnormal’s global, federated database of vendor and customer behaviors to stop supply chain compromise. VendorBase continuously monitors communications between vendors and partners, and provides a real-time, stateful risk assessment enabling Abnormal to stop these targeted supply chain attacks.

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Q1 2021: The Rising Threat of Vendor Email Compromise

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