Abnormal Inbound Email Protection

Protect your end users from the full spectrum of targeted email threats: phishing, ransomware, fraud, social engineering, supply chain attacks, executive impersonation, spam, and graymail. Integrate with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace via a one-click API without disrupting mail flow. No MX record changes, configuration, or custom policies are needed.

Highest-Precision Protection Against All Attacks

Secure email gateways struggle to block socially-engineered attacks that pass reputation checks, have no links or attachments, and appear to come from trusted sources. The Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) platform profiles known good behavior and analyzes over 45,000 signals to detect anomalies that deviate from these baselines, and then precisely blocks all socially-engineered and unwanted emails—both internal and external—and detects and remediates compromised accounts.

integrated cloud email security attack threat scoring

Remove Your Secure Email Gateway

Organizations that require comprehensive inbound email protection are stuck with multiple products, incompatible architectures, unnecessary expense, and management overhead. With ICES, you can simplify your stack by eliminating the redundant email gateway layer and re-enabling and enhancing Microsoft’s cloud gateway capabilities.

integrated cloud email security replacing secure email gateway

Enhance Microsoft, Google, and Email Gateway Security with Behavioral AI

By deeply understanding entities—users and vendors, their behavior, relationships, and tone and content shared—Abnormal ICES precisely detects anomalies and blocks attacks that regularly evade Microsoft, Google, and secure email gateways.

integrated cloud email security behavioral AI profiling

Profiles All Your Vendors for Potential Threats

Your organization’s security posture is only as strong as the security postures of your vendors. Soon after integration, ICES reviews all your emails to extract your vendor relationships. It monitors your vendors for security risks observed across the entire enterprise ecosystem, automatically identifies when vendor accounts have been compromised, and protects your end users from them.

integrated cloud email security vendor compromise analysis

Improved End User Experience and Productivity

Abnormal learns end-user preferences by observing how they move messages between folders, allowing it to automatically create and manage individualized safe and blocklists, as well as deliver spam and graymail to junk and promotional folders respectively. End users no longer have to rely on spam and quarantine digests to salvage missed messages.

abnormal security Improved End User Experience

Contextual Banners That Help End Users

Abnormal precisely assesses every email for potential threat and the type of threat, and if deliverable, automatically provides relevant information using banners. End users, as a result, are better equipped to ensure that they do not fall victim to attack.

inbound email protection warning banner with context

Deploys in Minutes and Proven to Save You Time

The Abnormal cloud-native API architecture simplifies deployment and improves response times. Get started today.

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