Abnormal Security for Slack

Secure your messages and keep Slack from becoming an entry point for attackers.
Abnormal Security for Slack
  • High-Efficacy Threat Detection: Confidently identify suspicious URLs, compromised accounts, and user privilege risks.
  • Insights in One Dashboard: View suspicious activities from Slack in the same portal as those stemming from your email platform.
  • Rich Context for Attack Investigation: See necessary context to investigate and remediate a potential threat in your Slack environment.

Extend Abnormal’s Security Functionality Across Platforms

In the modern workforce, attackers do not limit their tactics to infiltrating businesses via email, and traditional email security tools are not prepared to handle threats originating from other communication channels. Abnormal’s protection for collaboration apps extends the power of the Abnormal platform beyond email to collaboration applications including Slack. Combining cloud-native architecture with advanced behavioral AI, Abnormal ingests signals from Slack and then surfaces suspicious activity that could indicate a threat on the platform.

How Abnormal Secures Slack

Protects Users from Malicious Links

Abnormal uses behavioral AI that baselines user activities and detects deviations. It monitors messages within Slack—both direct messages and channels—for suspicious or malicious URLs and alerts security analysts of a potential threat for further investigation.

Stops Account Takeovers

Abnormal analyzes and sign-in activity across location, browsers, and authentication methods, and then identifies and surfaces unusual activity based on known indicators of compromise such as bad IP addresses or browsers.

Reduces Risk Related to User Privileges

Abnormal monitors global administrators within Slack and notifies security analysts when changes occur. It then provides analysts with the right context to support the investigation into a potential threat, as well as the workflows to manage suspicious events.

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